District 14 Volleyball

District All Star Match

The District All Star match will be held Monday, November 15 at Southeastern HS.     With new OHSAA guidelines for post season All Star matches, we voted to make the All Star available to all players, not just seniors.

Aug 2021 Meeting Minutes

.President Allen Perry reminded everyone to sign in.
Those absent included

Leslie Hattan, Fairfield Local
Alayna Lytle, Piketon
Missy Ankrom, Portsmouth
Cindi Davis, Zane Trace
Danielle Perkins, Circleville
Nichole Dickey, Hillsboro
Aaron Ridenour, Logan Elm
Doug Mace, Miami Trace
Aleah Rhodes, Waverly
Jessica Blanton, East
Madison Applegate, Green
Kaci Compton, Manchester
Rachel Sims, Peebles
Heather Bayer, Whiteoak

There was no reading of the last minutes because the previous treasure did not submit any to Coach Perry. 
Coach Laura Smith, Adena, nominated Coach Darcee Claxon, South Webster, as secretary

Unanimously passed

Coach Claxon began taking notes
OHSVCA trustee Coach Smith volunteered to continue being the trustee.

Coach Claxon motioned to vote and Coach Vitatoe, Chillicothe, seconded the motion; it passed unanimously

Treasurer Katie Ragan, North Adams, gave an update.

$2545 and change in the budget

Up from last year

Coach Perry reminded coached to pay membership dues by due date. If this is not done, players from that school cannot receive an award or participate in the all-star match.
Coach Smith gave updates from the state OHSVCA meeting:

Issue with state treasurer; working to resolve the issue
Must join OHSVCA by Sept. 30; after that date there is a $100 late fee
Must be a member to be a poll voter and for players to receive any state awards
Reminded coaches to fill out a form after the meeting to become a poll voter
2021 manual not available yet
Must hold a parent meeting by Aug 14 and must complete the state rules meeting by Aug. 20; a late fee will be incurred after this date
If a coach hasn’t completed the rules meeting by Oct. 4, his/her team will not be allowed to compete in tournament play
Congratulations to Coach Lori Koker, Southeastern, on being inducted into the OHSVCA Hall of Fame

Coach Perry reminded coaches of all important dates in regards to district information. 
There was discussion about the best meeting location. It was decided that Eastern Pike was the most centralized location. 
A mandatory meeting for district awards will be Sunday, October 24 at 2:00 at Eastern Pike.
The district all-star game was discussed but a date and time was not confirmed; the matter was tabled. 
Coach Tina Magill, Huntington, will take care of the shirts for the all-star game, and Coach Perry will take care of the media guides one final time.
There was no new business.
Coach Perry proposed a change to the articles of the constitution. The district must have two meetings per year, and he proposed one of those meetings, the first, be done virtually. The matter was discussed. 

Coach Ashley Deatley, Courthouse, motioned to vote on the change, and Coach Rachael Stapleton, Minford, seconded it; it passed unanimously.

Coach Perry also suggested the all-star game be opened up for the top vote receivers in the district, not just the seniors. It was discussed and voted upon. 

Coach Magill motioned to approve it, and it was seconded by Coach Koker. It passed unanimously. 
So effective for the 2021 all-star game, the recipients of most votes will be the all star participants. 

Coach Vitatoe motioned to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Coach Magill. It passed unanimously.